11 steps to export Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote

11 quick steps to export Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote

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1. Kindle.amazon.com Heading

2. Your Highlights – You can add notes to your highlighted section

Click on the “Your Highlights” link to take you to your highlights

3. Add notes, click to go to the location within the Kindle Book, delete the highlight, copy and paste to share and more.

1 Add notes

2. Delete a hightlight

3. Navigate to the highlighted text

4. Your books section

It lists all of your books, scroll or search for a book then click on the title.

You can search on books within your library and/or books not in your library on Amazon.

Search by Title or Author

5. Your Books Section 2

In the your books section, it shows the books you marked read, your rating, if your status is public, public notes, and if you want to remove it from the list.

6. Click on a book in your library (or search on a book and click on it to go to the public notes and highlights)

When you click on a book in your library or do a search, it will take you to the book with the public notes and highlights of others who read the book, pluse your notes and highlights.

7. Go to your notes and highlights

8. Click on share and you can share via Twitter or Facebook and add notes to your posts.

9. Evernote Webclipper

After clicking on the Evernote Webclipper (must be installed on your browser)

1. Click either article or simplified article.

2. Organize – click organize and select the Notebook that you want to send the information to

3. Add any tags you want to make searching and organizing simpler

4. Save


10. Click on book title

Chrome (if you are using Chrome as your browser) will prompt you to open Evernote – you can check the box to remember to always open Evernote

Webclipper drops the notes into Evernote where you pointed Webclipper to

11. In Evernote

1. Notebook the note resides – you can move this note to a different note by dragging it into a different notebook

2. Tabs

3. Add more tags

4. Share with others