Berry Sorbet – Frozen Dessert Dairy and gluten free

Did you get a Vita-Mix, Blendtec, or other high powered ‘blender’ for Christmas?


A quick frozen dessert recipe: Berry Sorbet –

with no dairy or gluten – 1/2 cup of raw cashews – 1/4 cup raw sunflower kernels, your favorite vanilla vegan protein – I use DoTerra but use what you like – cover with water – add 3-4 frozen bananas (ensure you remove the skin) – blend until creamy smooth – put 1/2 in bowl and add 2-3 cups frozen unsweetened berries (blue, black, red) and 2-3 dates (if you do this at night it counts as a date night) – blend until very smooth – pour this mix in serving bowls and top with the original banana vanilla blend – very pretty and kid and wife tested 😀

tip – I go to the store early in the AM and purchase a few bags of the 99 cent bananas – peel and freeze for these types of treats – store 2-3 bananas in a Ziploc freezer bag.

One key point – I recommend freezing your fruit then blending vs adding ice since when making sorbet or nice cream (ice cream without dairy) – another point – you can use cashew milk but I prefer using cashews since it makes it very creamy.  Adding ice will move this more toward the fruit smoothie versus nice cream.  Additionally, you can add avocado to make it creamier and kale or other greens to change the color.  If you make this in three batches then you can make a twirl. Batch one, the lighter color, the second batch, blue, then add some green (avocado or kale).  When you serve them, serve twirl together for a fun and creative dish.