The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge | Tony Dungy (Tyndale Momentum, September 16, 2011)

I am not a sports fan but I am a fan of men and woman who excel in their roles utilizing their God given talents and resources.  I do not remember the first time I was made aware of Tony Dungy as a football coach but over time when the team he coached was playing I wanted to watch. {I enjoyed watching P. Manning too}.  There was something about Tony Dungy that intrigued me.  I wasn’t sure what it was about him, the soft spoken nature, the fact he didn’t act like a madman on the sidelines, or?  {Later I learned after reading one of his books it is Christ in Him, the hope of Glory.}

When I heard that he and his wife were visiting our church for a book signing I knew I not only wanted to meet him but introduce my grandson to him.  Since I had the distinct honor of photographing the event and was commissioned to get a few ‘backstage’ pictures, I seized the opportunity and took my grandson back with me.  Why?  I wanted my grandson to meet a man who achieved many great items but more important didn’t become mean, arrogant, or any of the other negative attributes that seize some people who rise to the top in their field.

We were given the honor of having our picture taken with him and Tony quickly signed a copy of “The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge” for my grandson.  I was moved with compassion and everytime I think about the situation, tears of joy well up inside me.  Why?  Because I hope that this brief time has a positive impact on my grandson and when he reads the devotional, it will remind him that being a leader or football hero doesn’t mean being a jerk or disrespectful.


You will be most effective for Christ when you realize that life is not about you, but all about Him.  Is there something you need to change to reflect  that?

{Quote from The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge – October 27 | Incredible Impact, Small Ego}

Tony Dungy at Victory Family Church

Tony & Lauren Dungy at Victory Family Church

 The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge | I recommend this book for many reasons:

  • It is an easy read with anecdotes that even the non-sports minded person will enjoy and take something away from it
  • Tony tells of struggles he encountered and by God’s grace and mercy he made it through
  • Challenges facing sports and participants
  • It is not too deep for those new to the faith or for those who enjoy reading about challenges and successes in every day life

I enjoy books and study about God and the Bible {remember I have a doctorate in Theology} but too often I find some devotionals seem to forget that life hits hard and illustrations and stories by others {who seem to have a bigger shield around them than we do} help in our day to day walk in life.

If you are looking for a great gift for Dad or a Graduate, this is one book I highly recommend.  Tony doesn’t water down life and ensures that God gets the glory.

You can purchase this book in many formats including kindle, paperback, and audio from the link below.  {If you give books to the library like us, this is one book every library should have on their shelves.}


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