Camscanner | Evernote | OneNote

Currently, Camscanner is my favorite scanning APP which works great with multiple applications including Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and more.

A quick how to get scanned documents or images into your favorite application.  I use Camscanner to scan receipts, documents that I want to share and/or save into Evernote, OneNote, or Dropbox.  It is great to scan items to preserve or share with others via Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook.

1. Open Camscanner App

I use the iOS version

2. Scan an image or document

Tap the camera icon to scan an image or document

3. Scanned Image – Align edges

One of my favorite features using a scanning app versus taking a picture is the quick align then OCR scan that is performed by the app

When you scan the image or document, you get the dots around the image that enables you to crop and align the image to ‘perfection’ or as close as possible.

4. Edit scanned image

You have the option to

1. auto correct exposure and lighten the image/scanned document
2. keep original scan
3. lighten image
4. magic color
5. convert to black and white
6. grayscale image

If the image scanned correct without issues and/or after editing the exposure of the image, tap the check icon in the lower right.

5. Auto Exposure

I selected auto and the app lightened the image without any other adjustment needed.

  1. If the image is ‘good’ then tap the check mark icon in the lower right.  Camscanner gives the option to re-edit the image if you do not like the change(s).
  2. Rotate image by tapping the icon in the lower left.
  3. Optical Character Reader

6. Mark image, add notes, and more

  1. Tap the note icon to mark the image
  2. Add notes to the image or scanned document
  3. Re-edit option

7. Add notes

8. Capture and preserve memories using Camscanner

When going through items from my parent’s place after they died, I found this card we sent my mom years ago.

Use Camscanner to capture memories and preserve or send to family and friends.

9. Ink annotations

If you tap on the mark icon, this screen opens and gives the option to annotate the image

9.1 Ink annotations

10. Share scanned image

Tap on more

11. Actions Share Email to myself and more

From the actions screen you can email the scanned image/document to yourself, fax it, AirPrint it, upload to your favorite social media or sharing site, and more.

If you would like to upload the file to Dropbox, Evernote, Onenote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more, click Upload.

Using email is great if you want to drop it into Evernote or OneNote at a later time and/or if you are using a Sharepoint service that you cannot access from your mobile device.

12. Upload file

Tap the icon for the cloud service and/or app that you would like to upload the file to