White beans and Quinoa – Warm up on a cold winter day

  When there is snow on the ground, I like to dream that I am walking on clouds I love experimenting with different beans and spices to create unique tasting items at a low to moderate cost.  Too often beans are made fun of because they are a low-cost item and/or because of the aftermath […]

Forks over Knives DVD

Buy it, watch it, share it, follow the principles and steps outlined in it!

Short and simple review –

When people ask me what movie and/or book they should read to learn about following a plant based lifestyle, I always recommend Forks over Knives first.  Since the movie came out they released a cookbook, books, smartphone app, and more to help you in your journey as you follow a plant based life style.  If you take the time, you can search the internet, your local bookstore, or library and you will find thousands of resources concerning a plant based diet.  From my experience, you will not find a better resource than Forks over knives if you are interested in learning more about a vegetarian diet.  The video discusses what many call the “diseases of affluence”.  The diseases that occur from injesting too many processed and/or animal based foods. As you watch the video, you will see the personal jouney of Dr T. Colin Cambell and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and their commitment to helping the viewer improve their health and reverse the effects of poor eating habits.  “Their research led them to a startling conclusion: degenerative diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even several forms of cancer, could almost always be prevented – and in many cases reversed – by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.”

If you are struggling with excess weight and/or the diseases of affluence, please take the time and watch this video then follow its principles.

Many will list as a New Year’s resolution to improve their overall health and/or lose weight.  This is a great first step!

Watch it today on Amazon. 



GRAYL Legend Water Bottle Filter Review

 “Highway robbery!” Miss Daisy from Driving Miss Daisy A favorite movie quote is “Highway robbery!”  What does that have to do with water bottles or a review for a GRAYL Water Bottle?  Not much but everything!  There are months when I am in an airport 2-3 times per week and some days pass through 4 airports […]

Oil Free Lentil Soup | Stew

In March of 2015, I tossed oil from my diet.  (Not fat but oil.) Over the years, I read many articles and books on the subject of consuming oil (even ‘healthy’ oil) but ignored them and still used various oils in my diet.  e.g. Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Safflower Oil for cooking, […]

Fruits and vegetables consumption lacking in children

“Eating more fruits and vegetables adds under consumed nutrients to diets, reduces the risks for leading causes of illness and death, and helps manage body weight.”  CDC August 8, 2014 

According to the CDC study, 60% of children aged 1-18 years old did not consume the recommended intake of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Schedules are busy, lives move too fast and one item that suffers is the consumption of fruits and vegetables.  The mom or dad arrives home late from work and must speed off with one of the children to soccer practice and the best they do is grab a fake fruit bar on their way out the door.  On the way home, they stop and buy a large pizza from their favorite shop and the tomato sauce becomes the closest to a fruit intake for the day. 


Fruits and vegetables consumed via Green Smoothies

One of the best ways to get more fruits and vegetables into your children is via a green smoothie.  The fruit sweetens the spinach, kale, or other greens that you add to the smoothie with few complaints from your family.  Over the past 40 years, I consumed countless fruits and vegetables in this manner and utilized the same approach for my children and now my grandchildren.  It warms my heart when one of the grandchildren ask, “pappy, will you make us a ‘moothie’?”  Will I ever deny them fruits and vegetables in a smoothie?  Nope!  I have served countless smoothies to family and friends.  Do you have a picky eater in your family?  Then introduce them to green smoothies for life and they will consume more than the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables without complaints.  Fruit and Vegetables are much cheaper during the summer and why not mix a handful of kale, bananas, ice, and raw cacao for a great tasting green, ‘chocolate’ drink?

Are you thirsty after a long day in the yard?  Cut a piece of pineapple, add it to two cups of water, and add a few leaves of mint or drops of mint essential oils to the mix and let the cooling effects take over! 😀

Fruits and vegetables | Learn how to increase the intake for your family

Creating tremendous tasting green smoothies are not difficult and are fun to make.  We are taking our workshops on the road.  Watch this site for more information concerning our Smoothies for Life small workshops!

“How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday.Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I’m going to be inferior tomorrow, it’s that simple.” Jack LaLanne

Orange Delight Smoothie | Orange Julius Substitution

If you attempt to satisfy the pickiest of eaters, you must ‘trick’ them with substitutions that taste and look similar to what they enjoy.  Many people enjoy an Orange Julius from the mall or Orange Sorbet.   Thus, the “Orange Delight”.  It is very easy to create and a ‘delight’ for even the biggest challenge. […]

Whole (BenBella Books, 2013)

This is a must read book for everyone!

Over the past 30+ years I read countless books on nutrition and “health”.  Unfortunately, many of them never fully ‘clicked’ with me to the point where I agreed 100% with the author’s teaching.  Too often what they stated didn’t resonate with my philosophy of the nourishing the whole body.  Yes, I experimented with different methods toward optimum health but looking back to when I was 16 (41 years ago), there is one thing that always clicked.  “Feed the whole body!”  “Don’t cheat, its your body!” If one part is out of balance, then eventually the entire body will suffer.   Most of the books on the market are driving the reader toward a ‘diet’ versus a lifestyle change (which I promote).  A diet is short lived because they attack one item (weight).  Yes, some diets attack other aspects of life such as diabetes, heart issues, etc.  However, too often they recommend ‘cheating’ or doing a binge day.  That always rubbed me wrong.  I am after ultimate health!  In Dr Campbell’s book “Whole”, he addresses the fact that all calories are not created  equal and the fact that the American population is off track and fails to understand the basics of proper nutrition toward health.

Additionally, he illustrates the contempt that some have when dealing with a health based diet and more important a “Plant Based Diet”.  If you read the China Study and enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the book, then “Whole” is a must read for you.  However, if you felt overwhelmed by the China Study and never finished it or started it, then read “Whole”.  The China Study is the evidence for a plant based diet and “Whole” focuses on why most don’t adapt it and why it is challenging convincing folks to adopt it.

He addresses the fact that there is more to the food we eat than one part.  For example, an apple has more than vitamin C in it!  He is attempting to change the way we think about food!

“Everything in food works together to create health or disease. The more we think that a single chemical characterizes a whole food, the more we stray into idiocy.”
― T. Colin Campbell, The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health

“It’s never too late to start eating well. A good diet can reverse many of those conditions as well. In short: change the way you eat and you can transform your health for the better.”
― T. Colin Campbell, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

The book is available as a Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback, and audio.

It is a great book to listen to on your drive to/from work, at the gym, while walking your dog, or when others are watching TV – :D.  Feed your mind and body with nutrients!

“I don’t care if you eat worms and cardboard; if you eat 35% fewer calories, you will lose weight and your cholesterol levels will improve50 in the short run, but that is not to say that worms and cardboard form a healthy diet.”
― T. Colin Campbell, The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health



”America’s premier nutritionist, T. Colin Campbell, with courage and conviction, articulates how the self-serving reductionist paradigm permeates science, medicine, media, big pharma and philanthropic groups blocking the public from the nutritional truth for optimal health.” –Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD, author of the bestselling Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Orange Sorbet | Simple Fast Recipe

As a child, I remember visiting a local ice cream stand and eating something similar to an orange sorbet with a slight twist and unique flavor.  I am not sure if they used vanilla but as a person who is always experimenting, I decided to add a few drops of pure vanilla extract to an orange smoothie.

Quick recipe:

  • 2 pealed oranges
  • 2-3 drops of pure vanilla extract {this is based on taste – experiment to your taste}
  • 1-2 cups ice
  • 1/2 cup water
  • stevia or sweetener to taste

In the Vita Mix, Blentec, or similar, add all of the ingredients.  (I leave the seeds since seeds have life.) and blend from slow to fast then back to slow.  e.g. on the Vita Mix 6300 I start with 1 then go to the fastest speed then back off keeping the whirling in the middle until a creamy consistency.  I do this with many drinks and for whatever reason, it seems to enhance the flavor.

Serve and Njoy!

Taste Tested and approved by spouse 😀

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health (Rodale Books, August 30, 2011)

I knelt down and placed my hands on the floor positioning my body for a set of push-ups and instantly felt pain shoot through my wrist up into my arm.  What did I do?  I attempted to massage my wrist but any amount of pressure sent sharp, knife like pain into my wrist.  I thought, maybe I pushed too hard and decided to give my wrist a break and not do any push-ups for a few days.  This didn’t help and thus my journey into a gluten free diet.

I enjoy doing pushups to strengthen my upper body. Not hundreds but sets of push-ups to give me a great rush of energy and keep the blood flowing to my mind. When I get tired and feel like I cannot sit at my desk any longer, I get up and do 10-20 push-ups. I enjoy doing this activity on the hour but too often I get busy and time slips by without a push-up rush.


In early 2012, any ‘standard’ push-up sent sharp pain into my wrist and one was more than I could handle. If I did a knuckle push up, then I was fine but I wanted to know why I couldn’t do the tried and true standard push-up.


Searching the INTERNET gave me many options including wearing a wrist brace (I tried multiple items with no success) but nothing seemed to help until one day while listening to Dan Miller’s 48 days to the work you love podcast I heard him mention a book entitled Wheat Belly and how he adopted some of the items in the book and found success in some health related issues in his life. This caused me to not only buy the book but research gluten and its related side effects.


Little did I know that my beloved ‘wheat’ and associated grain items like barley were targeted for removal out of my diet. As in everything I seem to do in life, I went ‘cold turkey’. Yes, I tossed out anything associated to gluten from my diet without hesitation and began to document my progress in my personal journal. Wow! Immediately, I noticed a change in my body and more important within a few weeks, the constant pain in my wrist subsided and the ability to do push-ups without wrist pain returned. Yes, I could drop and give you 20 without pain in my wrist. (However, since it was months since I did push-ups daily, the drop and give you 20 needed building up.)


Not only did I purchase the written version of the Wheat Belly but the audio (to burn it into my brain). The anecdotes and associated research in the book are tremendous but there are times when the technical side of the book caused me to desire studying my eyelids (sleeping). I went through the book twice gleaning tremendous information and an insight to the wheat industry.

Too often we associate gluten related issues to Celiac Disease but there are many people who struggle with gluten intolerance and its associated issues. If you struggle with your weight, have pains in your body, glucose intolerance, or many other health related issues, then you owe it to yourself and loved ones to read Wheat Belly.


William Davis has many recipes in the book and companion book. However, many contain items I cannot recommend including dairy and similar products.


“Aside from some extra fiber, eating two slices of whole wheat bread is really little different, and often worse, than drinking a can of sugar-sweetened soda or eating a sugary candy bar.”  ― William DavisWheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back To Health

I highly recommend this book for everyone and suggest both the written and audio version for a different insight into the study.