Customize Ribbon in OneNote Add Back and Forward Button

How to customize the ribbon in OneNote and all Office Applications add a back and forward button similar to a web browser

YouTube Video at bottom of post

Right-click in a blank area of the ribbon

Left click Customize the Ribbon

Create Personal Tab

  1. Select All Commands from the left side drop down menu
  2. New Tab
  3. Name Tab
  4. New Group
  5. Name Group
  6. Click on commands to add – for this example scroll to Back and find the one with arrow
  7. Add
  8. Scroll to Forward and find the one with arrow
  9. Add

Name Tab, create and name custom group

Add command – back with arrow for more functionality

Add command – forward with arrow for more functionality

Click OK to save work

Back and Forward Button with history functionality

Click on the down arrow under the back or forward button to show recent history

 Video How To Customize the Ribbon in OneNote and add a Back and Forward button with history functionality similar to a Web Browser