Evernote Webclipper and Clearly

If you are an Evernote user, you might be a fan of Clearly (I am).  However, Evernote is no longer supporting this tremendous tool and suggesting all users adopt Web clipper as the main clipping tool as its replacement.

Note from Evernote

What will happen after January 22nd, 2016?
You can expect that these apps will continue to work as normal for some time. However, future updates to your operating system or browser might result in certain features breaking. Because these apps are no longer supported, we will not fix the features that break.

You can find many of Clearly’s features offered with Evernote Web Clipper. Available for every major browser, Clipper lets you capture web pages and articles in a simplified, reading-friendly format. You can also take screenshots, annotate pages, and add comments and tags to anything clipped and saved to Evernote.


If you do not use Evernote but want a tremendous tool, sign up here.