OneNote Templates

Use templates for a uniform and consistent look.

Create customized templates in OneNote for increased productivity and a uniform work flow.

Templates are found on the INSERT tab on the menu.

1. Insert Tab – Page Templates

Page Templates

Two options – Click the page template icon or click the small down triangle for preselected templates from your history.

1.1 Preselected Templates from History

  1. Templates from History
  2. Go to Templates

Templates you used will show in the history section when you click on the down triangle under page templates

1.2 Go To Templates

Multiple Options available

  1. Installed templates
  2. Templates on
  3. Specify a template as a default
  4. Create a new template

1.3 Specify a default template

Specify a default template.  This feature saves time and provides the option for a unified look for your work.

2. Create a template | Begin with a new page

Add a page

3. View Menu | Paper Size

Select the page size for your template.  There are many options including auto and custom.  If you select auto, the page adjusts according to where you place your information.

3.1 Paper size options

3.2 Paper size with rule lines

This could be a good option for note taking using a stylus.

  1. Paper size = letter
  2. Rule lines options
  3. Save current page as a template

3.3 Save current page as template | Handwriting Template

  1. Click on the “Save current page as a template”
  2. Name the template
  3. Option to set as default template
  4. Save template

3.4 My templates

You new templage shows under your “My Templates” menu

4. Thoughts when creating templates

  • Ruled lines on a page helps align text boxes, images, and other information on your page.  If you do not want the ruled lines as part of your output, turn off the ruled lines when done with the project unless you want the lines as part of the project. (View – Rule Lines)
  • Format your text vis the Home Tab – Styles
  • I avoid adding images and other items from the background since these bacome distracting.
  • Keep your fonts and font colors ‘readable’ Do not make your pages look like a ransom note
  • Be mindful of margins and avoid images and text from spilling over the margins.

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