White beans and Quinoa – Warm up on a cold winter day

  When there is snow on the ground, I like to dream that I am walking on clouds I love experimenting with different beans and spices to create unique tasting items at a low to moderate cost.  Too often beans are made fun of because they are a low-cost item and/or because of the aftermath […]

Berry Sorbet Gluten and Dairy Free

Did you get a Vita-Mix, Blendtec, or other high powered ‘blender’ for Christmas? A quick recipe: Berry Sorbet – with no dairy or gluten – 1/2 cup of raw cashews – 1/4 cup raw sunflower kernels, your favorite vanilla vegan protein – I use DoTerra’s vegan protein but use what you like. Cover the mix […]

Substitute Grapes or Dates for Processed Sugars

Smoothie tip eliminate processed sugars to improve your health Rather than using processed sugars such as Agave, Cane Sugar, etc – try putting 1-2 cups of dark grapes on the bottom of your #vitamix, #blendtec, #ninja etc – and/or a few dried organic dates – The flavor is amazing and will add a unique taste […]

Oil Free Lentil Soup | Stew

In March of 2015, I tossed oil from my diet.  (Not fat but oil.) Over the years, I read many articles and books on the subject of consuming oil (even ‘healthy’ oil) but ignored them and still used various oils in my diet.  e.g. Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Safflower Oil for cooking, […]

White Beans Bob’s Red Mill Review

A few months ago, I decided to try white beans and determine if they have a different taste than any other bean.  Wow!  I was surprised how different these beans tasted compared to black beans.  The first time I cooked them, I used my normal method of soaking overnight in water and squirt of Bragg’s […]

Back to VitaMix | Two year departure and why I returned to VitaMix

My Love / Hate Relationship with the Blendtec   Two years ago I bought my first Blendtec after decades using the VitaMix. My wife and I were walking through Costco and watched the demonstration then later chatted with the demonstrator. I was smitten by the shorter size of the container and buttons. Along with the […]

Our Food Source Small Group Workshop | Healthy Living Workshop

Join us for our 8 week small group – Our Food Source Our Food Source- Making Sense of Food & A Healthy Lifestyle A workshop to help dispel the myths associated to ‘healthy’ eating. Join us in our Healthy Living Workshops Sign-up here Dispel the myths associated to healthy eating, cooking, and the associated lifestyle. Explore […]

Healthy black bean breakfast burrito

Pappy, what are you making today? My eldest granddaughter was asking about my newest experiment in the kitchen. As a child I observed my parents cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. My mom always made up recipes. A little of this and a little of that to make some of this. Although she had a […]

NutriBullet | Magic Bullet – Travel review

On a recent trip I decided to bring along the NutriBullet and test it as a traveler’s smoothie maker.  It travels light and I used a small camera bag I had to protect the NutriBullet from travel’s harm.  When I travel, I normally rent a room with a small kitchen and since the majority of […]

Nutri Bullet Quick review by dr frank

This is a quick review of the Nutri Bullet, the larger sibling of the Magic Bullet. I ordered the Nutri-Bullet off the HSN shopping site but it is available via the Amazon affiliate link.   First, my overall review  of the Nurtri Bullet (enabling you to skip everything else if you want) is based on […]