10 Tips to help you on your journey to better health

We are all not the same.  Therefore, what works for one might not work for another! Bella arrived to work with enthusiasm knowing that she has a new helper in her quest for weight loss and more important health gain.  After booting her computer she opened her email to be greeted with a note from […]

The power of a Life Journal and How To Journal

The power of a Life Journal and How To Journal How to use a life journal to improve your health and lose weight This is an excerpt from the forthcoming book by dr Frank – the Chronicles of Bella. Bella woke suddenly out of a deep sleep and at first she thought the events of […]

Help me! I am always hungry!

Help me!  I am always hungry! Sitting at her desk, Bella couldn’t take her eyes off the small clock in the lower right side of her computer monitor.  She stared at it so long that it looked like a chocolate covered doughnut which was her favorite snack before she started on her fifth diet in as […]