Strawberry Banana Popsicle | Summer Snack Ideas

Nutritious Summer Snack Ideas to get good food in your children We are always thinking of creative ways to get good food into our grandchildren and one of the best ways is via a tasty snack.  This is an easy recipe and substitute available fruit. What is interesting in when we use this same recipe […]

10 Tips to help you on your journey to better health

We are all not the same.  Therefore, what works for one might not work for another! Bella arrived to work with enthusiasm knowing that she has a new helper in her quest for weight loss and more important health gain.  After booting her computer she opened her email to be greeted with a note from […]

Veggie Nut Delight aka – Vegan Veggie Burger Recipe

Veggie Nut Delight aka – Vegan Veggie Burger Do you long for a great tasting vegan veggie burger but only find store bought versions tasting like cardboard or filled with junk that you wouldn’t feed to a lab rat?  I am not sure about you but I never was a fan of those fake tofu […]

Dr Frank’s 10 Favorite Fast Foods.

Dr Frank’s 10 Favorite Fast Foods Often I am asked, “don’t you eat fast foods?”  Of course I do!  Doesn’t everyone?  I will list them for you! Bananas – They come complete with their own wrapper.  I do not need to worry too much about whose hands touched them and I can buy them in […]